Pillars of Creation: How Faith, Science and Reason Bring Meaning to Our Universe

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This book, gives brief explanations to cosmic mysteries, referring to them as the fundamental base for getting at the real mysteries in cosmology. By researching the best minds from philosophy, science, and theology, Scott takes us to the next step.

How was the universe created? Or are we in a multiverse?
What or Who brought us from the beginning to now? Entropy - Divine intervention - Determinism
How will it all end for us? for Earth? for the sun? for our universe?
Did humans evolve? Who was Adam? Intelligent Design or is it intelligent design?
Is time an illusion? What is the nature of time?
Can the past, present, and future exist simultaneously?
Can we travel to the past? the future?
Not, are we alone; but rather, Contact- Now What?
Space travel: Real or fantasy
What is this new holistic model, the new world view?
How does it differ from three millenniums of historical models that proceeded it?

Written by Scott Flaig, 2018, paperback, 170 pages
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