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Yard Signs

SKU: Yard signs $1.75
Purpose: Typically used for yard or parking signs (e.g. Real Estate, Election, Reserved For, etc.) Depending on it's use - material will have to be oriented appropriately to ensure the flutes are vertical, in the case of utilizing an H-stake with the sign. H-stake is best used on a soft ground environment (dirt/soil/grass, etc.) This product once printed, may show a linear effect due to its' corrugated flute structure. Ink is UV Cured (dried) making it waterproof.

Materials: Coroplast with 4 mm thickness. With horizontal or vertical flutes.

Print on one side or both. Sizes from 12 x 12 inches up to 18 x 24 inches, in one inch increments.

Shipping costs will be added. Contact us for an official quote, in one inch increments.

As you increase your quantities the prices will go down! The minimum order is 4.

After you have placed your yard signs in the shopping cart be sure to come back to this page and purchase the H-Stakes that you will need.