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Motivated by a thirst for battle and conquest, the people of the island of Crete set their gaze upon the coastal plains of Southern Canaan. These men were fierce warriors who considered this invasion an opportunity to prove their nation's worth, as well as to tout their spiritual and physical invulnerability to the nations of the ancient world. The Caphtor army would leave no survivors, save those that would serve a particular purpose. Seized homes and harvest would be their means of beginning a new life in Canaan.

An Avvim giant and a Canaanite are thrown together by this common enemy, seeking to do all in their power to halt the assault on Canaan. Unbreakable bonds form between these two unlikely friends as they travel across Canaan and into Egypt. Amidst bandit attacks, sandstorms, and the challenge of their basic belief system, these men persevere. Endeavoring in this quest to thwart the advance of Caphtor they encounter unexpected truth that transforms their lives forever.

Book One in the Chronicles of Canaan Series
Authors: J R Taylor,
Category:Fiction, History