Rosalys: My Life and Purpose

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This is my story. It is not a beautiful or happy fairy tale. It is a story of life's struggles and heartaches, as well as joys and accomplishments. It is a story of serving God. Come with me-experience the pain and the victories. Walk the path set before me by my God.

HOW IN THE WORLD? How in the world could I have known at age nine, when I knew of God's call to be a missionary, what the Lord had planned for me to do! Had I known, I would have said, "No, thank You, Lord. I can't do that!" But that wasn't His way of leading me into His plan.

After returning to Africa for our second term, the Lord showed me that I was to change the spelling of a language which was already written. The language looked simple to read, but was actually difficult to understand. The Lord's plan for me was to change the spelling of the language to enable the people to read with understanding. I am not a linguist. I have had no training in phonetics. To me that task was impossible. But God didn't ask me if I could do it-He simply gave me the assignment, along with the wisdom to do it. God's next plan was to translate the entire New Testament using the new spelling system. I have had no training for such a heavy responsibility. But how could I say no? And can you imagine the reaction of the people to the change in spelling along with a new translation? How would you react? What I learned though, is that God is faithful to help you do whatever He has asked you to do-even if it is an impossible task!

I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

Written by Rosalys M. Tyler, 2010, FULL COLOR, 8.5 x 8.5 inches, 264 pages
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