Scripture and Science: Conflict or Confirmation?

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Today’s Bible believing Christians, young, old, or new, want answers to their questions: Does science really disprove the Bible? Which is true, evolution or that God supernaturally created the universe as He said? Was there a Flood and was it global? How big was Noah’s Ark and could all the animals really fit? Can man create life in the laboratory? Are there consequences in believing evolution to be true?

For those individuals seeking answers to these questions and more, the book, Scripture & Science: Conflict or Conformation, clearly explains in understandable language how the scientific evidence fits into the Biblical narrative. It presents a compelling Biblically based alternative to the dominant, “naturalistic” worldview and its bed-children: Theistic Evolutionism, Gap/Ruination Theory, and Progressive Creationism and others.

Written by Allen Dunckley, 2019, paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 354 pages.