What's the Real Issue? (with the Human Race)

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I'm passionate about helping lost souls understand what the real issue is, in life. Everyone comes into this fallen world with the same VOID. Until we learn what the void is, we continue to live our lives in darkness separated from our Creator.

With today's uncertainty about where to find truth, this book gives answers as to where to find it for those who are seeking truth. God's word tells us there will be a lot of confusion in the last days.

See the soul, not the body

Nations and countries do not have souls. People (humans) do. We are all human souls with bodies. This is why there is only ONE RACE. The HUMAN RACE. It does not matter the color of our skin or the nationality we are, we are still only one race. Our bodies will someday return to dust. The human soul lives forever. We would not have social or racial differences if we could see the soul rather than the body and understand this is how we are created in our Creator's own image. If we as humans became more concerned about the eternal home of each other's soul through love, social and racial differences would be no more.

Written by Kenneth Pittz, 2021, paperback, 152 pages